Helen Cox

Bob Race


Helen Cox

Having experimented in different mediums over the last fifteen years, I have found acrylic on canvas and painting on silk to be the most effective in communicating my contemporary abstract art.
Completing my formal art training at The Hertfordshire School of Art & Design, my professional career began in printed media design. As a magazine designer I experienced the hectic world of deadlines and the expectations of creating art under pressure.
For a release I began to focus on fine art painting. Successful in commissioned work,

I am fortunate in producing commercially viable personal art.


Living in a range of locations throughout Britain, from rural idyll to stark urban, has provided me with a wealth of experiences, these have undoubtedly aided me when it comes to my art.
Extreme locations produce diverse scenery and personalities, it is this richness that is the catalyst for my own diversity. Many pieces are a direct response to my immediate environment.
Drawing upon colour, texture and emotion, my work evolves with sensitivity and passion.